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Barnstormers - January 2012

Welcome to Barnstormers! We would like to share with you a variety of model photos submitted by the readers of Flying Models. We'd love to feature your models, too. Instructions on how to submit your photos can be found at the bottom of this article!

Randy Smithhisler: Fokker E.III Eindecker

Mike Tully: Schweizer TG-2 sailplane

Mike Tully’s pre-war Schweizer TG-2 sailplane was originally designed by Earl Stahl and was featured in Model Airplane News in 1942 as a freeflight tow glider. With advancements in radio systems, this particular sailplane is perfect for micro R/C. Mike built the model for the most part per the plans but he plunge-molded the canopy for easy access to the radio system and also laminated and hinged the tail surfaces. For guidance, an older Kyosho Cessna brick was used for two-channel control. Mike tells us he finished the model just before the 2011 NEAT Fair and still has some markings that will need to be placed. He is also experimenting with aero-towing with this model, using a Hobbyzone micro Champ.

Eric Boehm: BMJR Park Panther

Calvin McCarthy: Poncelet/Vivette

Calvin McCarthy submitted this photo and background story of a little plane he is presently enjoying: “Van Hereford’s Z\xA Texaco Poncelet Vivette article in the September 2008 Flying Models mentioned his previous plan of a little Cox.020 powered freeflight Vivette published in the April 1964 MAN. My brother built this way back when, and it flew very well. After seeing the 2008 article and plan I recognized the profile and sent a note to Van Hereford with our story. He kindly sent me a photocopy of the original plan and copies of his documentation. This is the result. Rudder/elevator, 30-inch wingspan, with 3mm Depron® fuselage and tail group, built-up wing and E-flite Park 300 motor. Once the wing incidence was reduced the little plane has become a pleasure to fly.”

Flying Models Barnstormers welcomes your submissions! Readers of Flying Models are invited to submit pictures (no more than three) and a brief description of their model (no more than 300 words). Images should be at least 1024 pixels across. Please send your submissions to Associate Editor Jim Wiggin for consideration. We look forward to your contributions!

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