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Barnstormers - May 2011

Welcome to Barnstormers! This month, we share a variety of models submitted by the readers of Flying Models. We'd love to feature your models, too. Instructions on how to submit your photos can be found at the bottom of this article!

Pres Bruning Airtruk

Pres Bruning Airtruk

Pres Bruning Airtruk

This next submission came to us from Michael Liebman who is a professional photographer and modeler and found Pres Bruning's Airtruk at a recent Flying Aces Club (FAC) meet in Geneseo, New York. With Pres's permission, Michael reports: "This unique twin tail model is a Flying Aces scale job with a 30-inch wingspan. The model is covered with Sig tissue and utilizes an 8-inch prop. The workmanship and detailing is immaculate, and even includes a pilot in the tight cockpit”. We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Michael and Pres for sharing this unique freeflight model with us.

Darryl Miller Guillows Arrow RC Conversion

Darryl Miller Guillows Arrow RC Conversion

With the newer micro R/C equipment that is now available, many modelers are returning to the older balsa built-up models of their youth and converting them to R/C. Darryl is just one of these modelers. He writes: "The Guillows Arrow was built with a removable wing and two 1.2-gram servos.  A Micro Spektrum 2.4 GHz receiver provides guidance and a small 2-cell Li-Po battery provides fuel.  The model is covered with tissue and dope using standard freeflight covering methods." Thanks to these conversions, Darryl is almost guaranteed not to have to fish this plane out of a tree!


Kyosho FW-190 by Larry Kruse

Larry shows us just how much can be done with a standard off-the-self ARF by adding little scale details to further enhance the model, Larry writes, "This Focke Wulf FW 190 is from the Kyosho 50 Series warbird line of ARFs. It spans a nominal 56 inches and features factory-installed split flaps and retractable landing gear with opening and closing landing gear doors. The detailed markings on the plane are pre-printed on the proprietary heat shrink covering. To keep the cowl area clean, I added a remote glow starter and concealed fuel filler. The pilot figure is from Pete's Pilots in England and was painted to approximate a Luftwaffe pilot of the time. The instrument panel is photographically reduced from the full scale FW-190 panel. The model is powered by a Saito .56 Golden Knight turning a 12-7 Master Airscrew prop with an all-up weight of just over six pounds. This is one model you definitely don't want on your six!"

Flying Models Barnstormers welcomes your submissions! Readers of Flying Models are invited to submit pictures (no more than three) and a brief description of their model (no more than 300 words). Images should be at least 1024 pixels across. Please send your submissions to Associate Editor Jim Wiggin for consideration. We look forward to your contributions!

Flying Models Magazine

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