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Barnstormers - October 2013


Welcome to Barnstormers! We would like to share with you a variety of model photos submitted by the readers of Flying Models. We'd love to feature your models, too. Instructions on how to submit your photos can be found at the bottom of this article!

Another Knight by Peter Rake

Winner of the 2nd Balsa Builders Conversion Contest over on, Peter Rake introduces us to his balsa creation "Another Knight." "I've decided to take part in this contest largely because David's model reminded me just how much I like the looks of One Knight in Boston, a Bostonian class rubber power model of 16" span. My intention was to enlarge it slightly to 18" and introduce some of the building techniques I prefer to use. I chose 18" because that falls in nicely with other models I'm building at the moment. It's a good match to a 7 mm geared motor unit, Vapor 'brick' and 160 mAh single cell LiPo." We hope you agree the results are stunning.


Piper Pacer by Bill Perry

Joe Woods submitted this photo of a Piper Pacer which was totally rebuilt by Bill Perry, a fellow club member in the Lauderdale Airpark RC Model Club in central Texas. Bill, a former professional model builder for the Boeing Co. Wind Tunnel Model Shop, started the rebuild from a wreck that heavily damaged the landing gear and lower fuselage of the Pacer. Originally a 3-channel conversion of an old Sterling single-channel kit of the Piper Tri-Pacer, Bill upgraded the model by adding ailerons, going from rubber band to bolt-on wing attachment and other refinements. The Pacer is powered by a Fox ball-bearing .25 turning a 10–4 prop and Bill plans to install a Futaba radio. It is covered in a plastic film and Bill made his own graphics.


Fiat CR-32 by Bill Bradley

Here is Bill Bradley’s version of the Fiat CR-32, circa 1934. The model is all balsa with some light ply. A large plastic cowl, upper wing tank, and exhaust manifolds simplify construction. The model is covered in Polyspan and painted with satin latex. The wheel pants are built up. Manzano now has a short kit available at Power comes from a .10 Rimfire using a 30A ESC, and a Rhino 1750 3S Li-Po. Prop is a Master Airscrew 9–5. Four HXT900 servos drive the rudder, elevator and ailerons. The maiden flight was conducted with gusty wind, but the 22 oz biplane was solid in the air, and landing was uneventful.


Flying Models Barnstormers welcomes your submissions! Readers of Flying Models are invited to submit pictures (no more than three) and a brief description of their model (no more than 300 words). Images should be at least 1024 pixels across. Please send your submissions to Associate Editor Jim Wiggin for consideration. We look forward to your contributions!

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